Thank you for visiting 1 who is free 2 write.  We are defined by what we allow ourselves to be defined by.  I am defined by God ONLY!  I am a woman who has been EMPOWERED to EMPOWER.  I choose to empower and inspire those whose paths meet mine as I journey to my destined place.  It is my greatest hope that I love every person I meet the EXACT same way as I have been loved by Jesus.  The Love that I have been given cannot be measured and has no end.  This Love rushes to rescue me when I am at my lowest, weakest and especially when I am at my worst.  That same Love taught me how to run toward the wounded and cover them while Love heals their pain.  Love doesn’t hurt, Love is not blind and we can’t fall into Love.  Love is a choice!  Love can only be patiently given once it has been freely received.

For those who choose to follow me is choosing to follow Love.  So let go and let Love have His way.